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What We Do

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Debug City stands as a beacon of excellence in software design and development. Since 2019, we have been offering cutting-edge technical and engineering solutions, aiding both local and international businesses and agencies. Our seasoned engineering team, characterized by unwavering dedication, consistently delivers top-tier development support.

Build Software with quality

Engineering excellence in every line of code.

In depth security guaranty

Comprehensive protection measures ensure utmost data integrity and system resilience.

Highly Experienced Engineer

A seasoned expert with deep technical knowledge and a proven track record of excellence.

Data Management

Debug City: Mastering data management to streamline operations, ensure accuracy, and unlock actionable insights


Debug City: Delivering precision analytics to decode trends, drive strategy, and propel business success.


Debug City: Pioneering design support with a blend of creativity and technical finesse, transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences.


Turning visionary ideas into impactful digital solutions through technical expertise and innovation.


Debug City: Merging design excellence with strategic marketing, amplifying brand presence, and driving impactful engagements in a digital age.

Social Media

Debug City: Offering comprehensive social media support to amplify your online presence, engage audiences, and elevate your brand's digital narrative.


Debug City: Empowering businesses with robust e-commerce solutions, driving sales, and optimizing the online shopping experience.

We Provide Quality Solutions For Clients

We have designed and developed more than 450++ Projects for our local and international clients covering Android applications, IOS application, Web application, Application UI/UX design support, SQA engineering solutions, And Other Software development.


"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

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